LIFE: What I learnt When I Chose To Rest

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's so bloomin' hard to bite the bullet and place a full stop in your life.

It's hard to close the laptop down, to put your phone away in a cupboard and to put those boundaries in that you know are for the best.
It's hard, and I get it.
Believe me, I do.
I'm 23. Married for two of those years to my best friend and biggest crush I ever had.
I work roughly 35 hours a week and am counselling clients once a week.
I'm not too busy. I've got a good routine and balance.
I'm trying to re-ignite my love for running and exercise and it's all coming back to me.
This isn't another post about 'over-doing it' and taking rest when you're too burnt out.

You don't need to be busy, to reward yourself with rest. 

It is about this though: 

Implementing rest in your week, like commas in a sentence.

It's also about this: 

Whenever the end of the week falls for you - placing that full stop where it's meant to be, so you can start the next week on full power.

That's how I see it and that's what i'm learning.

So when I forget those commas throughout the working week and sacrifice that full stop on my weekends, I burn out.

One evening Aaron and I took a drive down to the docs, I got my head out of my flippin' phone, I stared at the boats (love boats!) and I realised something. I need a break!

I thought powering on through to our holiday in October was the best scenario, but turns out that's just not me.

I'm not pedantic about being switched on constantly, I'm more pedantic about protecting the times I'm supposed to switch off.

So Aaron asked me 'what would you do if you had a whole week to yourself in August' - I spent the next ten minutes babbling about how I would spend it- so what did I do? I took a whole week off.

So here in lies the snippets of perspective that I gathered on my week off:

  • I will function fully and continue to develop when I'm working, IF I choose to protect my rest times. 

  • Creativity blooms out of a place of rest, a place of relaxation and a place of freedom to simply be. 

  • It's okay to prioritise my well-being and to tap into self-care, even when my to do list is shouting at me. 

  • When I rest, I have to truly rest. I need to benefit fully from the break. In that hour I take to go for a run or to read a book, and the email tone chimes through my earphones, I need to make a conscious choice to not even read the preview that appears. I have to clear my mind completely in that hour.
  • It's okay to have boundaries. To know what my boundaries are and stick to them. It is taking a little bit of exploration as I begin to discover what my boundaries look like, but the important thing is that I've started that train of thought, i'm feeling it out, testing it out, soon i'll land on what works for me. The same goes for you. 

  • I'm not going to loose myself in my work, my duties, my tasks and my obstacles. Those commas of rest throughout the week allow me to check back in with myself, where i'm at and how i'm doing. Those little moments count. 

Switch off, create that peace of mind for yourself, that you so badly need. Before it's too late.

Love, love and more love - H


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