New Home / The Living Room

Saturday, April 15, 2017


We finally moved - it was a big step - from a one bed apartment in the centre of town to 3 bed terrace in East Belfast. 

Are we happy? Yes. 

Everyone said (including the hub) it will take forever to organise all of our 'stuff' - I remained optimistic 'I just don't think we have a lot stuff?'

Now apart from the back wall of our study filled with ikea boxes of 'things that cannot be labelled' - we moved in quite seamlessly. 

I was so totally right. I may have a lot of shoes - but we definitely didn't have a lot of 'stuff' and it didn't take us long to get organised, which I feel really blessed for. 

My surroundings are so beyond important to me, I don't believe in 'Feng Shui' but I have slight (major?) OCD tendencies when it comes to my home. 

Simply and blatantly put, how Aaron would describe it - I love to make things 'look pretty' and so I had to do this almost straight away. 
'Had' is a strong word, more like 'wanted'

I know i'm not the only one? 

Who else is like me and throughly enjoys the task of styling your surroundings on a continual basis?! - you're my kinda person! 

A blog post was LONG overdue but I knew once we had settled into our new home, 
it would feel like a good and natural time to write again - so I held out until then. 

So first comes first - The Living Room

I really had no idea how it was going to come together, having no furniture to our name, this move meant starting from scratch, so for the month of March we shopped our bums off 
- choosing sofas is HARD right?! 

We bought each thing separately, with the hope they would all some how 'work'. 


Sofa - Creations (last one in the sale, shop similar here)
Armchair - Ikea (bargain corner - yes please) 
Pouffe - Sostrene & Grene (someone please show me how to pronounce it!) 
Faux Animal Skin - Ikea (couldn't find the actual rug online but it's in store Belfast)
Coffee Table - 'Vintage' Ikea, given to us from my sis - thanks Bry!
Over Hang Light - I have NO idea, given to us by my dad-inlaw (i'll get back to you on that one)
Rattan Chair - Antique shop in Holywood (bought right before we got hitched 2 years ago!) shop similar here & here
Shelving unit - Sostene & Grene
Plant - Homebase
Throw - Ikea  (again, couldn't find this one online but is in store Belfast)
Audrey and Darth Vadar Picture - Gift from Etsy (again, will get back to you on this one!) 

What i've learnt from styling this room? 

You really don't have to spend a fortune. Set a limit to your budget, locate the shops that accommodate that budget and work with it - get as much inspiration as possible 
(go Pinterest crazy - but don't Pinterest yourself out, there ARE other sources of inspiration out there). 

Without inspiration, creativity won't come. Think long and hard about what style you would feel most at home with and go from there. Don't get swayed or overwhelmed by ALL the home trends you're confronted with, stay strong to what you know you'll really love. It's YOUR home in the end of the day.