It's Date Time. + 10 Super Cute Date Locations In Belfast.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

(Pictured above is my Daniel Wellington watch, gifted to me on our wedding day by our bridal party. Aaron got one too. I know right? His & Her's watches. The best Bridal Party ever!) 

I've talked about this before, and I hope I never stop talking about it either. 

Couples - keep your date night. 
If it's at home or out and about. 
Restaurant, Take-Away or Home Cooked.

It's the time that counts. 

So we headed to ZEN on Saturday. 
If you live in Belfast & haven't visited this little haven in the centre of town yet, I have one question to ask you - are you truly a local?  

Because it seems this is one of the main favourites in the city -
it's popularity, I am convinced, is heavily due to it's CRAZY cocktails and the
Managers epic dress sense (on Saturday he wore a turquoise and insanely glittery shirt)

Food Consumed: 

Tempura Asparagus To Start
Mains - Thai Green Curry
+ Coconut & Cream Shrimp
Chocolate Mouse To Sweeten

Drinks Sipped:

Cherry Blossom
(Vodka + various Cherry flavoured ingredients and a hint of lime) 
Whiskey + Gin (standard drinks order by Aaron) 

We chatted everything from the movie we just saw beforehand - to when we first dated back in 2007. 

We made a few more memories. Although simple, still so worth remembering. 

It's good to prioritise each other amongst the busyness, trust me. 

You a have heard this so many times before, from others, or from yourself. 
So have I. 
We all know it. Right?

Sometimes though, 

it's easier to not make the conscious effort. 

It's tempting to carry on, in the zone of 'getting stuff done', finding jobs, leaving jobs, one bump in the road after the other. 
Until suddenly it's 3 months since you last scheduled 'date night' in your hectic calendar. 

So as Aaron and I reminded ourselves on Saturday. 

Now I'm going to be a little bold, and remind you tonight. 

Don't forget date night. 
And if you're really stuck, i've made it easy. 

Below is a tempting list of locations for your next one: 

1: Town Square 

Coffee Tasting Nights, Tuesday's. 

2: Brew Bot 

For Drinks & Chats All Night 

3: Bay Tree Tasting Evenings

('A Trip To The Med' 5 Wines + 5 Courses was our anniversary date back in August!) 

4: Helens Bay 

For Those Kinda Walks I Wrote About In My Last Post on JOY. 

5: The Harbour at Night by the Docks

for a little drive with a view.

6: IKEA 

for the ultimate date day with the chance to stock up on the 'essentials' that aren't really essentials.

 7: Sawers 

for the perfect cheese and charcuterie board at home. 

8: Flame 

for a meal accompanied by the best Strawberry Daiquiri in Belfast. 

9: Deans Deli 

for Pre Dinner Drinks + olives, or a Mid-Day Coffee.

10: The Belfast Bikes 

- grab a couple & cycle the Greenway. 

No Excuse Now. 

HB x


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