#StyleSaturdays 5 Ways To Ditch The Super Heavy Winter Coat

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Square cut cardigan: ZARA | DELTA necklace: Lines & Current | Jeans: Pull & Bear | 
Boots: New Look (last season)

It's that time of year...

Everyone is sporting their favourite winter coats. 

There seems to be an unspoken competition of who has the best bobble hat. 

What is it with the Belfast Christmas Market, that makes everyone want to wear a bobble hat?! 
Is it just me noticing this? 

Belfast gets a little mad. 

Various work Christmas do's spill out from the restaurants to wherever the after party is, kids walking around with the remnants of a nutella crepe on their faces.

Being a Belfast girl now, the season brings queues for ATM's (everywhere!)
the bus stops being ram packed & having very near misses on the street
 as people 'brush' (more like shuv) past. 
The ratio of footpath to people can get a little cray-cray. 

Belfast at Christmas used to be an evening out for me, the Christmas Market used to be a tradition every year - but that was when I lived in Downpatrick. Around an hour's drive away. 

Now that it's on my door step, it suddenly feels a little different. 

I'm finding myself inwardly begging for nature and taking long forest walks. 

Anyone else wanting to ditch the city life for a little? Anyone else feeling a drive home to the cosy comfort of your childhood country home would be a good idea?!

I feel ya! (Sorry Belfast!)

Moving swiftly onwards though - 


(the kind that allows you to ditch the winter coat) 

Styled above is my favourite item this season. 
Bought during a weekend in London in Septemeber initially to go with a checked mini skirt 
and some furry block midi heels, I realised it would quickly become 
a staple outwear piece for the coming months. 

I LOVE winter coats but you gotta get a break at some point!

I've gathered together some of my favourite alternatives to the bulky winter coat, because you can ditch it every so often. I promise. 

59.99 ZARA 

ULTRA light down puffer jacket, 
the light down feather technology is guaranteed warmth minus the weight! 

29.99 ZARA 

You can see how I have styled this double faced square cut cardigan, 
but it can also go over a jumper, or if you're not ready to risk leaving the winter coat at home, 
it can go underneath it, with a bit of adjustment.

This blazer from MANGO (49.99) paired with some knitwear? 
You're good to go. 
Jumper from H&M (24.99). 
For some extra warmth - 
layer with a thermal top like this one from UNIQLO (12.90)

A cheaper alternative to ZARA's ultra light down puffa is easy to find, 
this one from H&M is a steal at 29.99. 
Can also be rolled up and tucked into a handy bag (included with purchase) - perfect if you are travelling home this Christmas!

 This last look is all about comfort and ease. 
Pair this fur kimono jacket from PULL&BEAR (49.99) with this jumper from H&M (17.99) 
will give a flowy effortless vibe that IS actually effortless. 
(+the black trim on the jumper is my fav!)

I would also recommend adding a thermal top underneath for full proof protection from the cold. 

Wrap up with a large scarf + a hat...
and bam - you can leave the heavy coat behind this time. 

Hat: LINES&CURRENT (15.99)
Scarf: H&M (14.99)


I hope you've enjoyed my first #StyleSaturdays post. 
If you liked this post, check back next sat for more of my winter style vibes

 Last thing:
To give myself a kick up the back side I am now committing to posting on set days throughout the week, so do watch this space... 

+ NEW exclusive letter heading to inbox's tomorrow // #StrengthSundays 

HB x