Purse Friendly Christmas Decor Guide for 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Everyone has their own way of decorating the house for christmas,
 I know there are also a heap load creatives out there who relish the task
 and maybe even make their own. 

It’s a time to get creative, to go a little mad .

Last friday night, Aaron and I decided it was time. 

Time for what? 
Time to venture into the black hole that is under our stairs 
& dig out the christmas tree & decorations. 

You see-  it was funny, because in my head I had imagined this big box of 
bits & bobs from last year. 
They were all in a shoe box, ALL of them. 

I was then quickly reminded of last year’s Christmas. 

It was our first Christmas as a married couple, and sometimes *shock horror* 
people don't always get married with all ducks in a row. 
And we certainly didn't. 
We hadn’t quite found out feet yet after arriving home from close to 3 months of travelling. 
We really didn’t have oodles to spend on Christmas tree decorations, 
because we chose to spend any extra cash we had on things that mattered more. 

But when aaron presented this shoebox of decorations, I laughed hard. 
It daawned on me that we had a special technique last year - 
only cover the the front of the tree, no one will notice the back isn’t decorated right?! 

So we’ve been searching for more decorations to add to our little modest collection (lol).

I love to mix and match home decor pieces that compliment each other, I'm not so matchy matchy
And I intend to do this with my christmas decorations too. 

So I thought while i’m in the pursuit of this, 

I might as well put together a little shopping guide for anyone else looking 

to expand their Christmas flair! 

But first I wantto show you my latest buy from Best Buds, Belfast - 

In an effort to get some christmas greenery, I knew I couldn't go anywhere else!

The task was to find a plant to replace out existing *very dead plant from IKEA, 

which has been hanging dead in a planter on our wall. 
Although when I had a little look around the range at Bullitt Hotel, I fell inlove with the metallic bag plant holder (Christmassy, but definitely an all-year-round product). 
I instantly thought I could hang the bag along with a new plant on my wall, ditct the original silver pot from IKEA.
In theory - yes. 
It worked. 

But it just wasn't big enough for the size of our wall, 

so I had a mini inward cry to myself and carried on.
I stuck with the original silver IKEA pot to hold the new Best Buds plant, 
but it beats having a dead plant on show - right? 

I'm not left with the metallic bag, I'll let you know what I end up using it for ;) 


I don't know about you, but my Christmas list priorities are definitely presents & food. 
Decorations are a little further down the list, but my love for home styling, fuelled my desire to 
create this guide & while I'm at it, definitely making mental notes of what to choose for my own collection this year... 



Porcelain Stag - 29.50 

Decorative Pear - 12.00


Fill Me Up Baubles (personalised) - 8.50

Mr & Mrs Personalised Bauble - 12.50




Midnight Mass - 12.50

Gingerbread - 12.50 


Lit Glass Globe - 20.00 

Check back on Saturday for my next winter style post / #StyleSaturdays 

HB x


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