#MyTakeOnCollaboration / Ft. 5 Other Amazing Local Lasses.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pictured above is (from left) Rachel from Wild Lavender
Rebekah from Lines & Current, myself
Ruth from New Portals, Chloe from Wild Lavender 
and Ruth from Ruth Weir Poetry

Meet the #BeanieGirlGang 
(Est. 19/10/16) 

I kid... 
but not really!

This was a quick snap that followed what was an epic coffee date 
at Established. (Cathedral Quarter, Belfast) with some local creative girls - 
as a group we have a designer & entrepreneur, a musician, a poet...
 and all of us are bloggers (be it occasional or not).  

We met with a potential collaboration in mind, 
but really what followed was an overflow of stories & creativity. 

It was, for me, perfect evidence of how girls can meet (some for the first time)
 and as a result be empowered in our individual paths. 

This is so counter-cultural. 

But yet I know what you're thinking -

'Girl-Gangs' are all the rage
collaboration is a trendy thing to do. 

But this meet-up was in the rawness of what it was, still very fresh. 

Forgetting our hashtags and our cute photos...

Strip it back & what are you are left with? 

 Six girls from different areas and with different goals, 
at different stages of life but all finding common ground. 

Not stopping there though, while we sipped on our coffees, 
we expressed our own diversities 

Isn't it great when we can find the links with others and celebrate the differences too?

No need for comparison or competition. 
Just an authenticity, that I very rarely experience in my day-to-day life. 

It was the breath of fresh air that I needed. 
It gave me a boost in which I think every girl should look out for 
in a friend, a collaborator, or even in business &/or ministry. 

The beginnings of this meet-up started with a simple brain-storm 
between myself & Rebekah, the main inspiration stemming 
from L&C's hashtag #DeltaStrongTogether 
paired with the necklace's pictured above.

We wanted to see if this collaboration could somehow be a reflection of this,
 while keeping it open, allowing each of us to bring our own thoughts 
& experiences to the table. 

And so, a new hashtag was born -- #MyTakeOnCollaboration. 

It was a unique way of collaborating, one I had never really embarked on before. 
It had a concept, yet at the same time it didn't
the collaboration as it stood (and still stands) 
is based on each of our own experiences of the collaboration itself. 

*Which is why it is SO important that you read all of the blog posts involved!

sorry I had to throw in the plug somewhere;)

The concept staying so fluid, it was in itself, 
just local creative girls, getting together, 
with no air of competition or comparison, 
instead joining forces. 

Drawing out the differences while finding the common threads - 

To me, a representation of how women can be strong together. 

As we discussed what this collaboration was to be, 
what followed was the opportunity to express. 

Each expressing our different values/goals/experiences with transparency 
while finding commonality. 

Connecting and relating.

This was when I sat back and drank it all in.
 This is what I get excited about. 
This, as I said before, is how I really think girls can be 'strong together'

It was a picture of community, 
community among women that doesn't always come easily,
one that can be awkward in it's beginnings 
but one that I believe is an in-built desire for all of us. 

That need for community is strong among women. 
Instead of that cold distance that often is a result of competition, 
lack of transparency and comparison. 

Being the point that I want to end this on - 

When we are on our own paths but surrounded by other women
 who are also on their own paths, to be 'stronger together' 
I think, is to celebrate the differences and to find the links. 

To loose the competition & comparison.

Rather not being opposing forces but 'joining forces'. 

H x


P.s this is not it for the #BeanieGirlGang, we are scheming up more collab's for the future ;) 


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