Sea Salt Hot Chocolate Recipe Review #hygge

Monday, October 31, 2016

Hygge: Danish ritual for enjoying life's simple pleasures.

In an attempt to channel some 'hygge' into my life, while scanning through Pinterest, 
I came across a recipe for a SUPER indulgent hot chocolate.

Here is the recipe (found on 'The Simple Things' website - 

Indulgence meaning - 
double cream and luxurious dark chocolate blended with a kick of sea salt. 

I mean if you're going to do it, you do it right. 

Throw in double cream! Heck - what have you got to loose?! 
(except your healthy diet, but that's just a side note) 
And why not make your chocolate that bit more special with sea salted goodness?!

Although I have one thing to say about this recipe -
you do not, I repeat, do not, need the amount of salt that it calls for. 

Unless you want to drink the liquid alternative to McDonalds chips 
with a hint of chocolate, then just don't. 

My advice? 
Add in the sea salt at the very end, to taste. 
Little by little, until you achieve the desired level of saltiness. 

Don't go chucking in the half of a table spoon 
that they call for. It will not end well. 
Save yourself from such awful-ness. 

As I handed the cup of what looked like chocolate mana from heaven, 
over to my husband, I was quickly met with a series of faces that 
I hope to never see again after cooking. 
(My heart broke a little bit, while attempting to be a domestic goddess,
I practically served obesity in a cup to husband, way to go!) 

WAY too much salt. 
I mean it was bad. 

My thoughts around this are:
That quite possibly the lovely person who wrote this recipe isn't a complete idiot and 
that it was most likely down to the fact that I skipped the egg yolk
(because I didn't have any eggs)
I'm thinking the egg yolk might have softened the blow a bit?

So after all, 
the chocolate storm you might have seen brewing on my instastory
ended up down the sink and the #hygge feeling I was trying so desperately to achieve on 
a rainy sunday afternoon, turned a little too salty. 

However I WILL conquer this recipe next time and I WILL nail it. 

If the sound of pure indulgence in a cup with a 'hint' of sea salt sounds good to you 
and if you fancy attempting this recipe, two things to bare in mind: 

If you skip the egg yolk, defintely DON'T throw in half a tablespoon of sea salt. 

If you are using the egg yolk, I still advise adding in the salt at the end to your taste. 

Remember: Little by little. 

H x 

p.s a post is on it's way of which I am super excited about.
 It involves some amazing local ladies and myself and some cute beanies.

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  1. I definitely wouldn't recommend half a tablespoon even with the egg yolk!! the original recipe says half a TEASPOON so you used triple the amount! That might have been a problem and can imagine it would be horribly salty!