Autumnal Styling + That Green Coat

Sunday, October 23, 2016


This is my coat. I'm in-love with it. You can't have it.

 It's mine. 

Not to brag (or maybe just a little), but when I wear this beautiful dark kaki green coat I constantly get stopped by women 
asking me where I got it from and usually this flow of conversation follows - 

Me: "I actually got it from Pull & Bear, it was real bargain!" *whilst giving them a false sense of hope* 
Woman: "Oh really! Ah! When? I wonder is it still in the shop!"
Me: *Feeling slightly smug* "...Oh sorry but it was actually last year, I doubt they'd have it in again!"

Let's face it, I think I have literally fallen so in love with this coat that I believe no other woman should wear it.

We're committed to each other. K?

Joking Aside - I just wanted to highlight the obvious being - I'M BACK! 

After a major hiatus of blogging, i've finally made it onto this blog space of mine again. 
Crazy I know. 
My reasonings aren't quite clear for why I took a break, but right now I'm thinking it was the... 
 still figuring things out & life going pear shaped syndrome. 
We all know it so well.

I'm young, recently married, my 5-year-plan is absent and will never exist
& currently coming to terms with what living through prayer and faith really is.

If you have read through the other pages on this site,
you would have realised that faith is a major thing for me, I mean it is thee thing.  

And I do speak of this more in my exclusive letters. 
But who knows maybe this season I'll share more on here with you all?!

*psst i'm planning on publishing an 'open exclusive letter' on here very soon!

So I know i'm being super cryptic, but as of right now, as a blogger, 
I am unsure as to what I should share and what to keep private. 

I guess i'm not alone in this? 

It's got to be one of the biggest hurdles to jump over a newbie blogger.

What I will say is this:
I'm a blogger, but my blog isn't everything.
The rest of my life got bumped up the list of priorities for a while
 - but hey it's all learning isn't it?!

HOWEVER I feel i'm finally getting a inspired and motivated again, 
I remembered that while blogging isn't everything to me, 
it really is one of my favourite outlets. 


It's a space that I own & that I can do whatever I want with. 

That's a good feeling when you're 22, trying to gain as much experience as possible, 
and so are forever utilising your creativity on other peoples projects and tasks. 

(Side note: I'll always be grateful of any opportunity i'm given!) 

But this space is my space & to me, that's the beauty of blogging?!

So while I started with my green coat, I've ended up babbling about 'life' 
and cringing while I do so. 
Oh well. 

Im back though. 

Speak soon lovelies. 


P.S If you like this outfit you can shop the look below & heres the details: 

Coat: Pull & Bear
Jeans: New Look
Top & Bag: Zara
Boots: H&M 

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