The Little Joys / 21.08.16

Sunday, August 21, 2016

So I've decided to start a little category of posts called 'The Little Joys' - in life I'm all about this. 
The random mix match of simple things that add a little extra smile to your face. 
So here are this weekend's & I hope it inspires you to think of your little joys too - 

Striped Breton 

It surprises me how well a striped breton top can fit right into your everyday wardrobe 
& stay put through out the seasons. 
For sure a staple!
 It looks great with peachy pink lippy too (my favourite!) 

Pukka Teas and Green & Blacks Thin Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt 

The way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon is with these two bad boys. 
Sainsbury's have a great stock of both brands & various flavours.
*Hint:  Pukka Teas have medicinal properties, they don't just smell and taste good they do good. 
I'm actually hoping these can be a replacement to my daily cappuccinos, so I can ditch the caffeine. 

'Unashamed' by Christine Caine 

Christine Caine together with her husband Nick, founded the well know anti-human trafficking organisation The A21 Campaign and founded the 'Propel Woman' organisation. 
She is one 'dangerous' woman for the Kingdom & full of faith. 
The tagline? "drop your baggage, pick up your freedom and fulfil your destiny" - phoar!
I'm only at the beginning of this book but I hope it really takes me somewhere, I need a good challenge! 
I don't read often, so when I do read a book it's for a purpose... I'll let you know how I get on. 

Here is Christine's website -

Hand Printed Cushion by Lucy Turner (screen printing artist) 

I met Lucy Turner through my work at Studio Souk, she specialises in the art of screen printing. 
Screen printing is often under-appreciated, but it is so amazing & one of the arts I admire the most - the level of work required is 'eye watering' to your average 'punter' but to Lucy it's her passion.
 Bold colours excite her, going a bit extravagant and bizarre is her thing and not to mention she is a absolutely lovely & inspiring!

She gave me this cushion as a little token, but to me it meant a lot! - I had been eyeing it up since I started working with Studio Souk back in April. I just absolutely adored it, as it sat on her retro white bar stool at her work bench... 
You know when you just fall in-love with something?
 & no matter what you will never stop liking it 
(I feel like I should be saying this about my husband!)
 - but no, instead i'm saying it about a cushion (lol!). 
 It caught my eye immediately. 
Don't worry I feel this way about my husband too...


Unfortunately my apartment doesn't do it justice right now,
 I haven't found the right spot for it yet and probably won't at all 
- lets hope our next home will!

Click here to find out a little more about Lucy. 

Thats everything for this week. 

How was your weekend? What are your 'little joys'? 

H x


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  1. These are wonderful little joys, Hollyanne.. The striped Breton top is a must have classic. :) Have a joyful week.