Styling Dungarees & Falling Out Of Love With H&M Denim

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hey guys! I'm back again. 
Neearly in the swing of things again. 
I took a breather from social media last week, so my Instagram and Facebook went to sleep - 
but it was so good to gain perspective!

Anyway I have a question for you guys:

Does anyone else find H&M denim a little difficult? 

I love a good stretch denim, but I think H&M's seem to loose shape & become unflattering after a while.


So these dungarees are from H&M. 
I fell inlove immediately, but once again after one week and one wash, I'm not 100% happy.

Dungarees have made a MASSIVE comeback and I have well and truly jumped the bandwagon. They are skin tight around your legs, which could be a plus or a minus... and I haven't figured out which one yet.

You see - 
 I'm not one to love skin tight clothes and these dungarees in all their 'skin tightness' seem to emphasise the hip & thigh region... ALOT.
After one wash the stretch seems to have loosened and they haven't held their shape as well. 

Sad face. 

So if I am fully honest I'm a tad uncomfortable in them and I am not 100% sold,
  (well technically I am, because I bought them oops) -
But I may be on the look out soon for a new pair.

Possibly a different fit and better quality denim. 
If you have any recommendations or indeed have fallen out with H&M's denim also
let me know in the comments below!

Despite this, I still really wanted to feature them on the blog. 

I had a feeling that dungarees + sunflowers would equal a whole lot of fun.

I styled them with this frilled top to give it a girly edge & added a belt and some white sneak's to add some detailing. 

How much do you love sunflowers right now? 
Just me?
I can't be alone in this!
Tesco's have them in store for £15 a bunch.

And hey sunflower eyes!

I love my all white slip on's by Stradivarious.
They are a little different to the white lace up trainers which I am seeing a lot lately -
these have a similar vibe but are just that little bit cooler! 

Have you been to the new Belfast Stradivarius store yet?! 
My opinions are still unformed. 
Great pricing. 
The clothes are fun, but I was hoping for something a little more edgy...? 
Or maybe 'matured' if that makes sense? (I guess it doesn't) 
Put it this way:
I could take my 13 year old niece shopping there & she would probably love a lot of what they had on offer while I could probably pick up one or two pieces while we were at it. 

Much unlike when I step into Zara - they really need to start offering trollys. 

In my previous post here I touched on collaboration 
and it inspired me to write my current Exclusive letter which was sent out yesterday. 

You can sign up to receive these exclusive letters from me to you every fortnight by clicking here

These letters are my way of delving into the word 'strength' (which is a hot topic right now for females) and hopefully empower and encourage you (and me) at the same time on inner strength. 

What does inner strength mean for you? 

H x

P.S I will be posting this current letter online for EVERYONE, so keep your eyes peeled. 

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