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Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy Monday! - As happy as it can be... 
How are well all?! 

I've been super excited to do this post, it's quite a significant one - 

I first came across MADI Apparel through Instagram & I immediately grasped a sense of determination behind this brand I had just stumbled upon. 

(Lace: DIANA / Plain: Pamela)

The determination and drive for a specific purpose. 

As a brand they have perspective. 

& I couldn't help but be intrigued. 

Their vision caught a bit of my heart so when they contacted me to see if I'd like to write a few words on this blogging space about MADI Apparel I was so excited! 

A few days ago these beauties arrived in the post. 

'Intimates' 'Lingerie' 'Undies' 'Pants' whatever you call them - the MADI one's are where it's at! 

Intimates with a pretty darn good purpose. 

For every pair of intimates sold, they donate a pair to a woman who needs them. 
When they say needthey actually mean that
In under-developed countries there is a severe lack of sanitary hygiene and the possibilities of owning a pair of quality pants as a woman in places like Ecuador are very slim, if not non-existent - if it wasn't for organisations like MADI Apparel who's mission is to provide quality undergarments to woman in Ecuador along with places such as Panama and Haiti and also places closer to home, like a Women's Home's in America. 

Below is a brief outline of the mission of MADI Apparel  - 

To provide a range of 'domestically made' undies, out of Viscose from Bamboo and luxury lace. 
(They choose to domestically make their products so they can provide jobs for people across the street and quality undies for woman across the world) 

Girls like you and me buy a pair for yourself or your friend. 

They donate a pair to a woman who needs a pair. 

Underwear being the most under-donated item of clothing, organisations such as Domestic Violence Shelters, Disaster Relief, Rape Clinic's and Homeless Shelters, request MADI Apparel. 

A beautiful woman on the road to recovery somewhere in the world is smiling because of you. 

To me their mission is really spoke to me and inspired me. With every pair of undies donated, they are restoring dignity, worth and value - with intention and love, in one of the most practical ways. 

Above is a video of a recent 'undie drop-off' in Ecuador!

But really guys you have to go visit the website and here the story of how MADI Apparel came to be for yourself - 

There is so much depth to the story & the mission of this brand, and I hope that this little blog post can be a small help to raise awareness of both the cause and the mission. 

I know once you find out for yourself, you to will grasp the determination they have, like I did & hopefully you will be impacted as I was. 

It all started with Hayley, who was initially impacted by a family members experience & story of their abusive relationship - "This conversation opened my eyes to the possibility that even the strongest of humans can find themselves sucked into abuse from a manipulative partner.  Even the people you've always looked up to, the ones who seem so strong and confident, the ones who lead perfectly happy lives." Along with this and realising that underwear in one of the most needed items of clothing in places like domestic violence shelters, women's homes & under-developed countries, her vision for what is now MADI Apparel started to form. 

This struck me, as it ties into something I'm desperately wanting to write about on this blog -

That not always can we feel 'strong' as woman. Many times we need to seek after help. Often a woman's worth and value needs restored before she can even think about feeling 'strong'. So many of us have been forced to believe that we are 'weak'. 
However, I whole heartedly believe that it's in these moments, that strength takes on a whole new meaning in out lives
& I'll get to that soon, I promise, it's in the making

Now onto the PANTS - 

Yes they are SUPER soft, because of the whole bamboo viscose thing, but they also come in different styles which are all very pretty, but never compromising on comfort. 

They sell basic pairs right up to the beautiful lace pairs, and have just introduced Lavender as a colour option to the range! 

I love how they are all simply designed, but still have a luxurious look and feel to them - and that makes sense because of the quality. These are not Primark pants gals. 

So we all have our 'special' pants...

You know - the ones we love, the ones that instantly make up feel good when we wear them & the ones we defintely don't pull out at 'that time of the month' 
TMI? Who cares, I know you all agree. 

MADI intimates definitely have the special vibe to them, they will be your next pair of 'special' pants believe me. 
But not just because of they look & feel great but because you get to support an amazing cause while wearing them!

You know the feeling when you pull on your favourite pair of pants? 
Well imagine that feeling + the feeling of actually playing a part in the MADI mission. 

That's definitely worth the 'special pants' title. 

...Maybe I've said pants too much in this post?
I'll stop now. 

You get it. 

Go check out the website & buy a pair of 'intimates' while you're at it. 


H x 

p.s Thanks MADI Apparel!


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