The Strongest Thing A Woman Can Do

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Love the quirky streets around Cathedral Quarter - who doesn't!?

Hey there friends - 

I am aware that in every photo, I am looking to my left... 

I have a two explanations for this: 
Firstly I was feeling a little camera shy today. 
Secondly I was watching out for passers by as, believe it or not the people of Belfast still aren't used to the "style blogging phenomenon" and they tend to stare a bit... yea it's awkward!

These were taken with my phone so I know they aren't super clear and little instagrammy (because they desperately needed a filter lol!) 

This post is to introduce you to my new pair of jeans. 
My girlfriend's from Mango. 
Thanks Mango. 
I seriously love them. 

I've been wanting an alternative to skinny jeans for a while, but had yet to find a pair of boyfriend/girlfriend/straight/mom jeans that worked. 

But I nabbed these ones for a princely sum of £15 in the sale - and they worked!

I love the easiness of the fit and how almost any form of top tucked in works with them. 

I find Mango and Zara are now my go-to for jeans. I'm ditching Topshop for now.

But moving swiftly on -

This post is also to show a little bit of appreciation for my newest L&C additions 
- the DELTA necklace and the Sunglasses. 
I've been enjoying these thoroughly!

But especially the DELTA. 

The DELTA, came as a result of a collaboration between Lines & Current and GRAY by Southwood Stores - go read about it here #deltastrongtogether 
One of the major things I absolutely loved when I read up about Southward Stores and about Hayley (the founder) is that she and her brand encourage togetherness between women. 

Which when reading, sparked a little flame that I had once had. 

Forgive me, but there is a lot about the current feminism movement and the 'strong women' trends today, that I can't really easily get on bored with or connect with. 

And to be frank that is one of the major drives that lead me to start this blog. 

To me strength means certain things that I actually think are missing amongst the trending 
topic and movement.

Maybe being strong isn't about independence, but more often about togetherness, collaboration, community - and not just between women, but with men too. 

Sometimes strength is to me, actually admitting my weaknesses and asking for help. 
Acknowledging my short comings and being willing to grow. 
It's feeling the pain, the heartbreak and the stress but walking through it and not hiding it. 
It's the everyday choice to be genuine, authentic and integral - when it's difficult. 

I believe one of the strongest things a woman can do, is walk with another person. 
Whether that mean support them, collaborate and share something with them, 
be married to them or parent them. 

Whether you are married. 
A mother. 
A friend. 
A collaborator. 
A supporter. 
An over-comer. 

You are doing a strong thing. 

You are choosing to look beyond your individual sphere and consider another, in a purposeful, meaningful way. 

I love that. 

And especially to those who ask for help, who share their pain or weakness's with another - you are putting trust in someone else and you are choosing to let go of the mask and be real with another person - that's a brave move. 

Regardless of how they responded to you, (and I really do hope you were met with care) but even if your weren't, in making a step like that, you showed phenomenal strength, and that step of growth will stick with you forever and it doesn't stop there, just keep going.

Massive tangent I know!


That's me in a nutshell, I could speak for hours on these things. 

Below are my outfit details, but "until next time" -
Strong you, Strong me. 
H x

Sandals, Coat, Belt and Jeans - Mango
Frill top - H&M 
Sunglasses & Necklace - Lines & Current

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