Pretending To Be A Model / Bridal Shoot with Natalie Broach

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Firstly apologies for being so lack with my words and updates recently - but when you have to take a break as a blogger and go a bit slower, you gotta do it. 

NOTE TO BLOGGERS: Do not blog because you feel you have to, only blog when you want to. END OF NOTE. 

So I'm blasting music right now, doing laptop dances 
(the kind you can only do when slouching on the sofa with a laptop on your knee's)
and I'm happy to be writing again. 

Did you all like my last two posts on relationships? 
It was a bold but honest choice to write on such a topic and I didn't want to hold back, 
so go give them read here and here

SO here's the question: 
 how did I end up on the beautiful White Rocks beach, along the North Coast, in my wedding dress? 

Well I was definitely privileged to be asked to model for a bridal shoot with Natalie Broach, a photographer from America who is currently over here with her husband visiting with family. 

Natalie's favourite kind of shoot is a bridal one and you can see her work on her website here
Her website is beautiful, but more importantly her photo's are ace. 

This day was all about pretending to be a model and hope with everything I had that Natalie could get the pictures she needed. 

Man, looking back I don't even know how I did it. 
I even kept going while my nose started running awkwardly
 (the wind does that to me, it's gross but it's just the fact of the matter!)
I don't know how I climbed up rocks and through uneven ground, dodging nettles, 
in my slightly too tight wedding dress - I definitely didn't do it gracefully, ha. 

Don't worry I did try to be graceful for the photos!

To be totally honest and go all mushy friend on you, my favourite part of the day was having one of my absolute besties, Ruth Weir (Ruthie), with me along for the ride. 
She was one of my bridesmaids on my special day nearly a year ago (6/8/2015). 
It was refreshing to see that the kind of support she showed on my wedding day, wasn't limited to just that day, she was still that friend and support even on a slightly less significant day
 (and through out this entire year actually). 

It was a strange de-ja-vu as she held my train while I navigated the trek down to the beach and did up the last few buttons of my dress. 

I'm not saying that these things define a friendship, but it's that moment your 
friend selflessly supports you, while your getting the 'spot light'
Does that make sense?!
It shows a lot about who they are. 

Friends who celebrate you and celebrate with you, are ones to keep. 

I really hope I am the friend to her that she is to me. 
I also hope I get a chance to celebrate her and with her sometime soon. 
(Ruth I know you're reading this - I feel a joint 24th birthday party for you and Aaron coming on!)

Ruth is a blogger too, she writes and creates poetry that is raw and authentic - read it here

For our readers only - 
We decided to share some behind the scenes photo's of the shoot, 
so here they are!

Photo credit to Ruth (she's also a great photographer but doesn't realise it yet!)

Notice my hobbit feet, I definitely felt like I was in LOTR for a few minutes!

I also learnt how to look cool, calm and collected while a veil stuck to my entire face like a flipping suction cup! Thank's wind - (it looks like a gentle breeze in this photo, but it wasn't I can assure you!) #lifegoals #girlpower

Anyway, thanks Ruthie for the photos
and thanks Natalie for this awesome opportunity to put on my dress again
and be apart of your bridal shoot!

I will be back in a couple of days sharing with you my favourite summer outfit and an update on what's been going on with me lately. 

H x

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