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Monday, July 25, 2016

So if you follow my social media platforms you'll know i've been slightly frustrated at my lack of organisation and time to be posting more regularly. I have loads of plans and not enough hours in the day. I sound like a broken record I know, and i'm not the first one to say that as a blogger, but i'm hoping this is just a season of extra busyness and unusual events that have got in the way, and it will soon change (routine please come back to me!)
I will be more on time with my blogging posts and exclusive letters soon. 
I'm determined!

Anyway as I haven't been able to get a moment with my husband/photographer (lol!) to take a walk around our little city and get some good shots for a style post i've been planning - I had an idea while reading ELLE this evening, that I'd quickly share with you what I loved within the pages of this months issue. 

I'm getting excited for AW. 
Three things: 


ELLE say 'think pink' - I especially love Chanel's take on pink. Can't say I'll end up wearing any of these things on this page but I'm looking forward to finding my version not he high street soon.
I'm all for this pink trend - I need something to break up my current neutrals obsession!

I've been LOVING denim this year, so I was very happy to see some, fresh ways to wear denim, and I'll definitely be branching out and trying some of these. I love this little denim shirt in the middle which ties at the back!

Now for my favourite part! TU by Sainsbury's - girls keep an eye out when doing your shopping, as this feature shows that some beauty's are on the way by TU. I am enjoying the pink suit with the boots in the first picture - will this be my pink buy of the season?! (remember 'think pink'! ... channel Elle Woods! ) 

Between the denim, the pink and the military jacket comeback (which personally i'm not a huge fan of) there are sparkles and embellishments dotted throughout the trend reports, and it's definitely inspiring. 

Two words: Fishnets & Loafers. Enough said. 

So that's it! 

I'm feeling ready for Autumn. I'm a summer gal definitely, and I usually despair when Autumn comes a long, but this year it's gong to be different, for once there is some vibrancy to the style report for AW and I'll definitely try to embrace this. 

Go grab your copy of ELLE if you wish, I strongly recommend this months issue! 

I'll be back soon with the style post - promise. 

Much love, 
H x.


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