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Monday, June 20, 2016

So do you like these photo's as much as me? I especially love Aaron's expressions, I don't even have an explanation for them because I can't remember what bizarre thing I must have been saying to him to provoke such facial expressions - ha! 

Before I get started on the review I just wanted to point out how lovely it is to sit outside at Deanes Deli on a sunny afternoon - they make the best cappuccino and their outside dining chairs are super comfy (bonus).

Bookblock Original

I have to say when Christina from Bookblock Original (who also happens to be an old family friend!) contacted me to ask if i'd be interested in doing a review for them, it didn't take much thought before I wrote back to say yes. 

As an avid journaler - Bookblock immediately had my attention. 

There aren't many who still appreciate a good quality notebook these days amongst all the tablets 
and iPads of this world, but Bookblock are, as a company, definitely one of them. 

They obviously recognise the luxury, the joy and in some cases the need, to have an aesthetically pleasing, high quality notebook or journal. 

And not only that, but they also recognise the joy in adding your personality to a journal!

Back tracking a little - 
I take FOREVER to decide on a journal to buy, I usually need a new one every 6 months. When life isn't so busy, my relaxation time is usually occupied with filling the pages of my current journal, so I'm regularly in the market for a new one.

When perusing through Paperchase and Avoca (my previous go-to's for journals), I wouldn't settle on one unless it 'felt right'.  
It has to look right, it has to be inspiring, it has to be all round beautiful 
and the perfect size too. 
As cheesy and eccentric as this is? I have to connect with a journal before buying it,
 because journaling is such an key thing for me. 
I once had a chat about this with someone in work and she described it as 'needing to have a good vibe off a journal' some are so uninspiring, and others simply are greatly inspiring and are fun to fill.

Does anyone else get this?? If so i'd love to hear from you! 

Anyway with that cheesiness over -

My woes of finding the perfect journal are now over...

because I have since discovered "Bookblock Original" -  providing you with an online customisation service for journals and notebooks! This service is perfect for those who appreciate a good solid notebook like me. You can make customisations as simple as your initials or as complex as having a photograph wrapped around the front & back cover (as seen in the photos above).

If you simply can't wait to finish reading the rest of this post because you're far too excited and are itching to try it out for yourself, it's okay, I fully get you, go check it out and get customising:

The customisation tool or the 'artwork editor' is as simple as you'd hope -

Here's a wee snap of what it looks like:

Seeing as I didn't design this particular notebook in the photos, myself, I had to go try out the customisation process myself, to see if it really was that easy - and I have to say it really is!
 You have that helpful template showing the front and back of what will be your notebook, plus where the spine will be. You can then upload images, add filters, shapes, stickers, text, and even draw! 

Starting at £12, this is very much value for money.

So when Bookblock designed this notebook for me, by looking at my blog and Instagram, I was just so chuffed. 
I mean I totally couldn't have predicted that someday I'd own a journal with myself on the front, but there's a first for everything right?! 
I love how the notebook's finish is actually quite soft to the feel, 
and it's amazing how well the photo turned out - not any of the quality was lost! 

I will forever have a tangible little momento of Clothed In Strength

. As all work put into this blog is actually only able to be seen through a computer or phone screen, it's very special for me to now have something tangible, of which will forever and proudly be on my bookshelves, or in my handbag on my numerous coffee shop trips. 

So if you would also appreciate having a customised notebook, or simply a beautiful one, or like me, in the mood for a bit of a momento - keep Bookblock Original in mind. 

But now the question is, what to fill the pages with?

I don't plan on writing in it until I know exactly what it's purpose will be!
And yes, I know, the obvious answer would be to take down notes for the blog, but who knows? 
I could end up using it for something a little different! 

I'll certainly let you know, when I decide!

And if you happen to be interested in larger orders of bespoke, customised notebooks head to . Maybe you own a business? This service is perfect for you!

In the meantime, much love, H x

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