As Hormonal As Northern Ireland's Current Weather Forecast.

Sunday, June 12, 2016



Anyone else having mood swings? And no it's not that time - I simply think we go through seasons where we get into a bit of a funk, not being able to put our finger on how we are feeling but just going through the motions, awaiting some sort of change around the corner. 
There are shifts beginning to happen in Aaron's & I's life, without going into too much detail, we are in the place of needing something to change and it's a real test of character.

To remain patient & content, when things don't look the way you hoped. 

To continue seeing the purpose in the here and now, while constantly having to think & mull over your future. 

So to be brutally honest, this unfortunately brings on mood swings for me, because i'm in a constant back and fourth between trusting, hoping & patience, to just complete frustration and at times fear. 
As hard as it may seem, somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking that - isn't this just life? 
No one ever promised me life would turn out the way I wanted, that marriage would be easy & growing up would come at ease. I never even promised myself that. 
 Marriage is great, and i'm not one to delay 'growing up' - but I do do wonder why I even question that this season of confusion and challenge has come about, because I always knew it would come, and will continue to at various stages of my life. 
I realise it's only natural to question, but I know that all the while i'm learning, and coming to terms with reality. Real life brings only challenges that I know eventually strengthen you, if you approach them and don't avoid them.

It's navigating life - as cheesy & over used as that phrase is.

So ramble over, onto the always fun and experimental part to my life - my wardrobe. 

So when the hot weather hit, I suddenly became aware of the extreme lack of summer outfits I had. 
You see my summer outfits last year consisted of shorts and tanks, because while travelling across Thailand/Malaysia and then onto Australia, I wasn't thinking terribly about styling so much, I just needed easy. 

But as I'm not backpacking right now (obviously), I wanted to be a bit more creative with my summer outfits, really I just needed a refreshing of my 'summer style', all the while wanting to get things that I could wear into work - 
(Studio Souk becomes soooo warm in this season, not sure why, but it's like a pure sauna upstairs!) 
And this is one of my favourite summer outfits so far -

This skirt, I'll be honest has been worn for the last 3 days, I've never owned a skirt of this midi length as I've struggled to get the perfect one, but when my eyes met this one from H&M for £15, I immediately had to try it on, I had a feeling this one could be the one after a long search. It's shape is kinda wide & very flowy, and being tapered upwards at the sides I think is quite flattering while adding that little bit of femininity. 
This vintage Armani jacket bought on eBay for £15 when I was 17 years old has been with me throughout my blogging adventure over the last 2/3 years, and it never disappoints. 
My shoes? Yes, I totally love them - not too high, beautiful shaped block heel and the lace up style adds subtle detail to an outfit with ease. 
 But more importantly how many little gems can you be surprised with as you walk about these streets of Belfast. Granted some areas of Belfast are just pretty much avoidable, what city doesn't have those parts? I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places & cities, Asia, America & Europe...

but I still always believe that Belfast has such a rich culture, beauty and quirkiness to it, more so than any other place I have traveled to.

 Even the run down buildings can be intriguing, and then you have the odd bright blue door and tree lined walk ways with beautiful signs. Am I weird for appreciating these things?!
 If you think so, that's ok, but I will always appreciate the small details ;) 
That's me for today - much love. 

H x
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