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Friday, May 13, 2016


What can I say? 
I'm in love. 
Isn't it funny how just one very simple necklace can be the exact detail needed to finish
off an outfit? 
And when it doesn't just serve as a 'detail' 
but makes the outfit, you know the design is clever. 

By a local lady Rebekah, founder and designer behind Lines & Current.

The ELSKA necklace is something I wear almost everyday.  
And I can almost hear you thinking already
 "but it's so delicate aren't you worried about wearing it so much?"
The answer is simply no.

I met with Rebekah a few weeks ago, and one of the best things which I took away from our conversation is the intelligent and crazy thoughtful design process which goes into each of her pieces. She makes sure they are tried and tested, wearing every single new design for at least a month herself. 

Not only that but they are made to be 'worn to death' without being affected by it. 
They are hard wearing -
some of her pieces may look delicate 
but don't be fooled...

"Designed to be worn, time and time again, the ELSKA infinity necklace will be your forever-pal. Minimal but with meaning."

The description on the Lines & Current website is ridiculously accurate. 

I really feel that the Lines & Current jewellery have answered so many of my accessory wants - how cliche? But it's true. 
I have always been drawn to minimal but very eye catching designs, and I'm not one for bulky 'statement' pieces.

But actually -
I think this necklece IS a statement piece. (without the bulk)

It's design is just beautiful and although its a relatively delicate design, it's always noticeable. 
Noticeable in that subtle way, that if you're anything like me, your search for in a design.

Not to mention the amount of compliments I have received about it. 

I personally love wearing it with shirts, poking out underneath my collar,
 but it always looks great too with off the shoulder tops, 
where it will become the focus against your collar bone, 
or worn with a plain contrasting coloured t-shirt such as dark grey,
 which will add something special to your comfy, go-to t-shirt's.

Visit Lines & Current to explore more and see the heart behind the brand, right down to the descriptions of each product - 
because beneath the beautiful designs is a story. 

And NEXT up I will be covering my whole chat with Rebekah, so be sure to come back soon.

I simply am inspired by the designs and the brand of which Rebekah is moulding. 

There are definitely threads of strength evidently running through the Lines & Current story.

H x

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