Six Ways To Transform Your Rented Home

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The problems with making a rented home, 'your home':

First off the problem with renting what you can do to a home is limited depending on the landlord's rules. 
Secondly, it's rented and it's most likely not going to be your 'forever home' so sometimes it's deciding how much work is worth your time. 

For us we made the decision early on that we weren't going to start making any plans to paint, or make any drastic changes. 
We simply won't be here for too long (we're hoping) and so this little apartment in the heart of the city centre is really just a 'pit stop' before we settle into a house somewhere. 

And it's a pretty damn good 'pit stop' although we have very limited space, I still really appreciate our apartment - I mean don't get me wrong, I definitely have those days where I get sick and tired of the stains on the walls that won't come off, or the door that doesn't close properly - 
but really who doesn't have these days? 

Our homes are very often 'on going projects' aren't they? 

At least I know the people in my life also share in the 'making house a home' priority, and 'making house a home' is definitely not something that ever stops

But how on earth do you this if you're renting, maybe you are thinking of doing the most you possibly can within your landlord's rules - and I salute you! More power to you!

 But this post is really for the people, like me, who aren't making plans for drastic changes, but still want to begin cultivating the feeling of 'home' in your rented accommodation. 

Here are the five ways to get you on the path of thinking about the endless possibilities you could have to transform your rented home: 

Use Soft Furnishings -

Obvious, but not one to miss! 
& a landlord certainly can't have any rules against this.
Quite frankly I love to match up odd things (I get it from my mother), I don't have very much that matches in my home (or even my wardrobe?)
I don't like to much match matchy and if I'm entirely honest - the kitch Cath Kitson look isn't my thing either. 

- I like to pair unlikely things together, and make it work. 

So As you can see (and probably from previous posts)
My cushions are all completely different. 
But to me it still works in a quirky way.
But if you are going to do this,

I suggest identifying a complimenting colour palette to your home 

and then sticking to it when it comes to your soft details! 

Use books -
Most of the time, if you have spent the money on a book, then it means something to you 
& if it has an awesome, display worthy cover - bonus! 
Because that is one easy short cut to adorning your empty, bland spaces with a personal touch.

Use fruit: 
Real simple point here - It's crazy how much a fruit bowl with your pick of fruit can bring a little life to your kitchen. 
Don't forget the basics!

Funky kitchenwares - 
Branch out beyond your table wear set (of course you need to start somewhere) but once you've got that, collect additional non-essential fun pieces. 
Whether you have hospitality in mind or not:
Doing this is totally a no-brainer way of expressing your personality
when having friends round or simply for yourself, when you're setting the table for dinner?
I guarantee you this will lift your spirits. 
And it doesn't have to break the bank either! 
I got this pineapple jar from Target (in the big OZ!) for something like 7 AUD
 and this jug from Oscar And Joy (Holywood) was 20!

 (okay I know that is actually a hefty sum for a jug, but I fell in love with it!) 

Use nick-nacks - 

Think outside of the box. 

Don't just stick to what you've seen year after year in Next or M&S Home 
(or any big name home shop for that matter!) because if you do, you'll find yourself limited. 
Have a look around at your nick nacks. 

See if you can create a lovely decorative piece for your home out of 'nothing'

Whether it's filling a jar with petals (like I've done below, because I haven't managed to get a bunch of flowers yet, and these petals are edible and last forever #win) 
or using an old ladder to display beautiful scarves or throws. 
If you need help for inspiration heres a helpful article I sources on pinterest: 

Use lighting: 
It doesn't involves nails in a wall, or picking up a paint brush - it's a very noncommittal way of transforming the atmosphere of your home. 
This floor lamp was such a bargain from IKEA too (40 pounds!) and is a well loved first buy as a newly married couple. 
Floor lamps and table lamps are also things that will generally go 
from house to house with you - definitely a smart purchase for renters. 

To recap: 
Soft furnishings
Funky kitchenwares

These six things are all points to remember. 
 Very easy and simple ways that really do totally change your living space (trust me, I've spent the last year realising this!) 
Minus a heap of planning or prep. 

Enjoy your home, even if it's not 'technically' yours, it can still feel like it. 

H x

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