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Thursday, May 26, 2016 fact just never stop dating

Even if you're married, my rule is to never assume you know everything about your other half. 
Speaking through experience, in the nearly four short years Aaron and I have been together, we even still got into ruts of just forget to date - and we noticed the effects! 
So I always keep this rule in mind. 
& I guess I thought it would be helpful to share for any couples following this little space. 

Chances are there are still a lot of things you've still to discover your favourite person. 

Ask yourself this "Will I be exactly the same as I am now, in five years time?" 
My answer to this is always no, I like to stay flexible to change, 
and never be stagnant in my growth as a person. 
Im not really that stubborn when it comes to this.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, simply time passing, has an effect on us.

We pick up new values, opinions and not to mention experiences over time that do mould us. 
So if this is true, it's also true for your partner. 
And by sticking to the routine day in day out, but never actually stopping and noticing your other half, will only lead to one place. 
You'll only miss out on each others little changes, and you're, in theory, supposed to be closest to each other than anyone else. 
My belief is that 'dating' opens the door to simply asking those little 'date type' questions, all over again.
You know those questions i'm referring to right?
The ones you ask when you're really intrigued by the person across the table from you, and you just have to know more! 
Those date questions are still going to applicable 5, 10, 15 (and so on) years into your relationship! 
Never forget this. 

Never fall into the false sense of 'there's nothing else left to know'

And regardless of this, dates are the time where you literally only have your partner in mind, they have all your focus. I couldn't imagine not having time like this set aside in my relationship anymore. 

For us - sometimes a date means a walk, or a coffee, or a monopoly game, or a full blown night out. 
But as long as it's a date, I'm totally game. 

So couples, never forget date night/day. Don't ever stop dating each other. 

So what promoted me to write this was that we had a date night just last night. 
We decided to head to Flame for a last minute dinner - Aaron wasn't convinced about (having never gone before, but I managed to sway him!) We will definitely be back. The menu isn't extensive, but It's good for that kind of comfort food (steak, burgers, fish with one or two indian dishes). 
However while the food is good, the gin list is even better + amazing cocktails! 
 I had the best Strawberry Daiquiri! - you know when you can taste the freshly blended strawberries?! Yea it was one of those ones. 

Anyway thought I take some quick photos of my outfit so this double up as an impromptu style post. 
I must say, I've never word this shirt like this before - but I think it worked? 
Anyway it was an easy way to freshen up my outfit for a date! 
Stuck on some heels & I was ready! 
(whoever said style had to be high maintenance?!)

(my empty G&T glass - it was gone before I remembered to take photo- ha!)

I loved the interiors of the place also! 

I'd say Flame is definitely for a girly night out, or date night!

Jeans - Pull & Bear
Coat & Shoes - Primark 
Bag - Mango 
Shirt - H&M 

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