3 tips for strength minus the pilates & protein balls

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Protein balls are good, good things. 
 I do love a good indulgent peanut butter and dark chocolate ball from Slims, definitely!
I am especially a fan of pilates - the only thing that has ever made a noticeable difference for me (I almost instantly toned and gained physical strength after first two weeks of doing it!)
Anyone else following Blogilates workout calendars and videos?! 
They have been a game changer for me. 
Check it out - 
Cassey Ho is the most down to earth fitness instructor on youtube. 
Without A DOUBT. 
Love her!
I'm not up to date with all the latest healthy snacks/recipes/juicing - although I definitely see the benefits & would love to work it into my diet and daily routine at some point.
(Working on it!)

However - I'm also not here to talk about physical strength, or fitness. 
(I must stress that I think this is so important also!) 

 But I am a passionate lady for inner strength.  
Not because I think I am an expert in it, 
but because I have been through some of what life can throw at you, 
& even in my short 21 years of life, I have come to the notion that being strong inwardly 
is more valuable than physical strength
I mean clearly my blog name has something to do with this also - 
so please go check out why I chose 'Clothed In Strength' on both the
Holly B and Strength & Style pages for more on this!

You've have seen this floating about right? 
Pantene's latest campaign, featuring Ellie Goulding - 
It's great!
I first came across it right after I had re-named this space what it is. 
There is so much today about female strength.
And I feel I have a lot to contribute. 
I am SO passionate about empowering women and myself
This society we live in, with perfect Instagram accounts, social media's 'perfect' profiles.
Bombarded with what to look like, what to buy, body trends and make-up trends 
- I'd say the pressure is on far more than it ever has been.
But for me, there is a beautiful counteraction amongst this emerging pressure - 
that being an emerging movement:
A movement that is real and authentic, that celebrates several forms of beauty, body types, but also celebrates the fact that women are more than what they look like, are more than just an object to look at or to judge, that chasing after extremes and ideals, is not worth it. 
But being healthy, and strong in who you are is. 

So what are my three tips right now for INNER strength?: 

1) Authenticity.
The trending hashtag on Insta comes to mind #liveauthentic - isn't it a wonder how this hashtag has become so popular? I mean Instagram feeds can be full of fakery sometimes - 
However something that will lead me to click follow on an account is authenticity.
 Authenticity will carry you places faking it won't. 

A little bit more about me: 
 It's only really now where I have begun to grasp this - honestly I have been so scared for too long to just be real when around people (bar maybe my closest of closest friends and my husband). 
I faced a lot of scrutiny growing up in my teenage years, and it lead me to be so afraid of what others thought of me, to the point that it felt safer to present a fake, closed off version of myself. 
I knew that I was being fake, and I knew that people saw through the facade and probably misjudged me in many ways - and I didn't care because that still appeared safer 
than actually letting them see me for me. 

It stopped me from being relational.
And as someone who genuinely has a relational heart, this revelation stopped me in my tracks and was the one thing that caused me to put my fears aside, 
loosing the opportunity to connect with others and to be relational, wasn't worth it. 

Grasping this concept of just being plain real, not just so we can embrace who we are but more interestingly I believe, to learn more about ourselves in the process.
It's a gateway to inner strength. 
The kind of strength that won't go away if you stop your pilates routine.  
The kind of strength that grows and stays throughout your life. 
2) Acceptance.  

Inner strength is not just for our good moments, it's to be had in our low moments most of all. 
We can gain ground and strength in simply accepting our weaknesses, and low moments, ironically. 
On our bad days, whether that means sleeping in because you couldn't bring yourself to start the day, or if you're too anxious to sleep at all. 
When our make-up is sliding off our faces, or we've simply cried it off 
- embrace our lows as much as our highs. 
It's okay to not be okay. 
You are still you in the end of the day
You are not defined by your lows. 
Regardless of your size, or what step on the career ladder you're on, 
whether your dreams are coming true or making it through the day is a small triumph, 
whether you're a mummy or still in high school - 
you are of worth and full of potential and you deserve the opportunity 
to embrace yourself right now, your lows and your highs. 

and finally 

3) Take a Social Media Detox

Yea it's a practical one to end with, but something which could serve as a refresher for your daily life
Decide to give social media a break for a day/or two, a week/or three, or even a month or so.
 Social Media requires having your eyes stuck at a screen throughout the day, and imagine what giving that a miss for a while, could bring about.
 Social Media is great but we can all admit that a break is worth considering. 

To take my eyes off tiny filtered squares of my life and others lives, 
or the 140 character tweets - saved me from a narrower view on my life.
It took me away from the constant need to to share everything as it happened, or present it later in a neat little, edited square. 
Which in turn allowed me to live in the moment. 
It restored the value of living without presenting it on social media. 
Social media is always going to be an organised, planned, filtered and subjective view on life, and it's important to have a break from this every so often. 
Honestly, as much as chocolate is good and as much as a detox from chocolate is also good, 
 so is detoxing social media for a while, beneficial.

It's like drinking green tea, instead drink up real life. 

To me it was about living in the moment, for you it could be about something different - 
but whatever it is social media detox's are a little practical tip for restoring a greater perspective and in turn growing in strength. 

Authenticity, Acceptance and taking a Social Media Detox.
Maybe take some time to consider these three things this week, I know I will. 

Go read 'Style & Strength' it's newly written and i'd really love it if you would take the time to read and come to know more about what this space is for!

Strong you, strong me. 


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