Fringe Knits & Tasselled Loafers

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LOADS of photos I know - 
But this day was fun, running in the rain with a big black umbrella and one my fav gals Emily.
I honestly don't know how we fitted in these photos amongst the hailstones, rain, sleet and then summer sun at end (welcome to Ireland) !

Notice my bad hair day, the weather wasn't too kind. 

We discovered this amazing spot for not only photos but for FOOD, Sweet Afton - thank you for our cosy 'express' lunch for the princely sum of 5.95, perfect. 

I know this outfit is a little dark and wintery, but honestly girls I don't think the spring/summer wardrobe is a permanent fixture right now since our weather is so hormonal, what is up with it anyway? (snow in the morning, summer sunshine that evening ??) 

Jumpers are my best friend and I picked this one up in the H&M sale a few weeks ago - again with the fringe I know but incase you haven't realised I'm really loving on fringe!
And they look great when the wind catches them a little. 

I decided the all black with accents of white through my shirt collar and bag looked pretty good, I really appreciate this subtle contrast. 
This outfit has just a real laid back, cosy feel about it - 
very simple, 
almost a little baggie 
and very comfy. 
Not a huge amount of thought put into it, 
but it's cute and does the job. 

& how lovely is this bag from Mango? I'm in love with it (it's getting a whole post to itself soon)

...and life?
If I'm honest, I'm struggling to fit everything in these days, I've been so used to having all the time in the world to create and do whatever I liked, that now I finally got myself a job, the last two weeks have felt so fast paced as I juggle the other various things I do along with it.

I'm so excited about what the next couple of years will hold though in my new venture with Studio Souk and everything else that surrounds me right now.
My new life up here in Belfast is starting to take shape and i'm starting to settle. 
I'm a new wifey, negotiating married life with my absolute best friend, 
settling into a relatively new community and meeting new people nearly every week - 
it's all a little bizarre at times. 
But exciting, of course. 

If you haven't read up about this new chapter with the Studio Souk yet, check my previous 'Inspirationals' post as I met with my now new boss Linzi Rooney, and my last 'Diaries' post where I chatted about my first ever day! 

Outfit details: 
Jumper, Shirt and Shoes - H&M
Bag - Mango 

Shop below on my shopcade for similar alternatives, some real bargains to be had! 

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  1. Love love love the look. As a lady who loves oversized jumpers, this outfit is right up my street. Excited to watch your journey unfold with StudioSouk, really enjoyed your inspirational post with your new Boss. She is a boss lady! As are you!! Respect at its highest!