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Friday, April 15, 2016

Today, you guessed it, I'm talking tank top's. 

  • Mastering the art of the tank 
  • American Eagle Appreciation
  • Racer-Back & Fringe
  • And tips for finding the right style to suit YOU

It's important to master the art of tank tops, as a girl, they can be a basic, a statement or even just a layer, but finding the right one for your shape is so key to your wardrobe. 
We all know some neck lines work and some don't, your best friends favourite style of tank may not necessarily look good on you & vice versa. 
And even sometimes tank tops can be a risk because they generally expose you more than a t-shirt/shirt/jumper (I know - duh!, but it's worth adding)
I remember my friend once told me she never wears them because she feels too exposed - and I totally got that, but maybe it's just finding the right style is the answer to this. 
 American Eagle ? Thank you. 
I've fallen in love with this new edition to my wardrobe. 
AE produce beautiful colours, cater for the girl next door feel & are definitely top of my list for stylish and comfy tanks.
This particular one has my favourite thing: fringing.
So right now my wishlist is all about American Eagle (be sure to check it!)

 And talk about  Capsule Wardrobe!
 (hiya Emily Peek from TLC!)
This one is definitely being added to my select favourite & versatile pieces. 

Don't you think it can go from day to night?!
I love racer-back, this is my style of tank, I find them to be quite flattering for my shape, & once id discovered this I began collecting them because I knew I could never have too many. 
NB: Racer-back have a narrower neckline toward the top and wider under the arms. 

But if racer-back doesn't float your boat, don't stop there:
 You still have scoop neck tanks, flowy fit, cut-out, slouchy and tight tanks.

You can shop all of these tank top styles by clicking onto my shopcade profile btw (@hollyanneboyce) 
But to make it easier, look below this post -
Just for you I've tailored a Shopcade section below to all of these style to help you get started.
PLUS: There are special discounts on all - so what are you waiting for?
And finally, finding your ultimate tank top - it's definitely worth your time and money.

Here's some helpful tips: 
  • Be sure to go with colours that can be paired with your most worn items.
  • If you're not so boldly colourful, muted tones/pastels are the way to go and they look great with denim. 
  • If you're into your colours and patterns you don't have to settle for basic tanks, there are a tonne of bolder options
  • Finally, although they may seem like an item that can be bought on impulse, I ALWAYS try any top on before buying, so as I've said before, take the time to find the right style for YOU. 

Special mention to my mother-law Pauline or 'Peen' : 
Thanks for gifting me this beauty, it's my new favourite! 

H x

P.s remember to click below (The Ultimate Tank Top's) to start shopping styles! 

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