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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I have some news!

I'm super excited to begin a new 'venture' as Studio Souk's new Apprentice! 
& as write this all I can hear is Lord Sugar's voice and BBC's The Apprentice theme tune 
But it honestly is far from that -
I'll be doing a mixture of things, all of which are right up my street and I will hopefully learn and develop in the most vibrant and creative environment on Belfast's high street. 
It's the perfect way to learn on the job, i'll hopefully be challenged and will get the chance to stretch my creativity all at once.

So today was my induction and I loved every minute of it, discussing marketing with Linzi (The CEO), meeting the team & artisans and helping out with the new spring window display (flowers, flowers & more flowers, if you're in town be sure to have a snoop, it looks fab!) 
- one thing i've always admired about the studio souk, are it's window displays, definitely always a flash of vibrancy in the centre of town. 


I got a better idea of what the next two years will look like for me whilst working there and to be honest it's so packed with opportunity, the chance to not only be creative but work with the community and young people as well, is something I really value. 

So stay tuned, because things are just getting started!

H x

If you haven't already heard of the Studio Souk, you need to get acquainted: 
Visit the website for more on the fab artists, crafters, products and events, trust me you'll thank me later!


(Photo credit: nabbed from the Studio Souk's website)

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