Darling Details (2)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Second instalment on the little details.
It's time to start getting serious about the details.
I've gathered homey things since getting hitched, that have literally transformed our living space, and the way we do things. 
Details are irrelevant to some, and incredibly important to others -
they're incredibly important to me, I appreciate the details.
I especially enjoy making something look good, if you haven't guessed it already I am a visual thinker and I like that about me - (Can I say that?)

I really enjoy applying this attention to detail and appreciation for aesthetics, to anything I find myself doing- this is my most used sentence when filling out job applications! ;) 

One thing I never thought I would care about as a wife would have even serving trays, like seriously who has time to think about these things?!
But trust me, when you find yourself all of a sudden married, in your own home, with people calling round on a weekly basis, these badass serving trays have become my best friend.

To me, I like to think they create a beauty backdrop to all my miss/matched mugs, coffee pots and tea pots.
They are useful.
(however that did not cross my mind when buying them, I was just a little magpie to the shiny metallics & I buy things because they look pretty #impracticalthinker) 

The gold tray is perfect for wine & cheese nights, which we partake in often, 
with perfect little dipping bowls for chutney's.
... I LOVE wine & cheese btw, anyone else?

The second one is great for tea and coffee dates when we have friends around, it was cheap and cherry from IKEA, so it's an everyday thing, which I don't mind if it get's worn, it still looks good! #win
It fits my gigantic IKEA teapot with room for cups and bickies (which are key course)

If you also love these mugs and this teapot, I'l be doing post on those soon!

Here's the list, click to go straight to the website if you, like me, adore these details!

Unfortunately the Bombay range at John Lewis is no longer in stock for their new season, but I managed to find some similar alternatives for you (both a great prices)

H x

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