"the real you is sexy"

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Something a little different today, it's something I want this space to really capture and advocate (Click: Behind The Name)
I love seeing women (and men) embody strength, embracing who they are and knowing their value and worth.
I hope this is reflected in my writings, my moments and my life. 

Above is what you see if you click onto Aerie the lingerie and swimwear line by American Eagle. 

Not your typical scene right? 
& when I say typical, I mean typical for the fashion media & advertisements. 

But isn't this typical?!
In real life - I mean
A real girl, in her real skin.
How beautiful is that? 

Freedom right? 

So here I welcome you to to the #AerieReal campaign. 

 Aerie have chosen to capture this women in this moment, just as it is -
because they believe it is worthy to be seen and admired. 

There's a wave of change approaching today's society, where by women are free to embrace themselves for who they are and are resisting the pressure

There's a desire to scrap the rules.

If you look like the model type, maybe you're tall, size 0-4 or possibly have chiselled cheek bones - you're beautiful, but I'm sure you are beautiful for more reasons than just that

Are you what people like to call 'curvy'? - you're beautiful and I hope you don't feel a pressure to change that because you want to meet an expectation that has made you feel less worthy. 

Are you 'fun size' like me? Do you have to fold up the bottoms of your skinny jeans because you forgot to buy the 'petite' version? - you're beautiful and embrace it, because all great things come in small packages

Jennifer Foyle, the chief Merchandising Officer of Aerie said this:
So NOT ONLY are Aerie advocating the beauty of authenticity, they are also producing expertly fitted swimwear & lingerie for ALL sizes. They are paving the way for all women to feel sexy, because they are taking the time to know what works and help you discover what works for you.

This is a brand I can get on board with as a customer.

They have enlisted the help of Jenny Altman as "Style and Fit Expert" and she says this:

Over the last few weeks I've been going into Ashfield Girls High School in East Belfast with a youth worker, to deliver some lessons on hot topics and get them discussing -
but I keep feeling a tug on my heart as I encounter the brave and strong girls who speak out about the body image pressure they are under. 
This is what fuels my desire to see change. 

It's not about shaming the skinnies, having a thigh gap or being all about that base. 

It's simply refusing to bow down to these body trends, and rising above, embracing strength and standing up for something new & true. 

No more crash dieting (or over eating) to ease the pain of not fitting the mould.

It's time we woke up to reality.  
It's time we knew our worth
It's time we looked after ourselves (body, mind & spirit) 

I want to see you embrace strength. 

Trust me, this is possible for you. 

It's time to be real - It's time to be you. 

My pick from Aerie (click the snap for the link) :

p.s I'l be back writing on my own story surrounding body image and some more ripples in this wave of scrapping the rules: there are curiously some cover girls who have opted for no retouching? 

Speak soon - 
H x 


  1. Great post girlie - I love all that aerie stands for and to see you promote it in schools is absolutely brilliant! P.s. I need that swimsuit in the last image in my life!! X

  2. So empowering Holly! This was a great read and a serious confident booster.
    I had no idea that Aerie was doing such an awesome campaign. Thanks for sharing this with the world :)

    Being me,