Making home sweeter

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So you may have noticed that I haven't posted since July... JULY - how bad is that?

Im so sorry. 
As you can see, i've changed this little blogging space up, the name and the look, but it's a new season and a fresh start. 

Anyway - moving on. 
I just got married August 6th, went travelling the world for 3 months to Florida, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia (post on that soon maybe?). We came home prematurely after a pretty horrible spider bite incident in Australia (of which now I am quite proud of & love sounding bad ass when I tell people about it) and have spent the last few months settling into our cute apartment here in Belfast. 
We are right next to Pizza Express and Harlem Cafe which is far too tempting!

We've been trying to put our own stamp on this apartment which is originally quite plain and a bit too modern for our liking, so we've tried to rough it up a bit and add some colour and personality. 
It's taken on a loft-y type feel. I didn't plan that, but I love it. 
We have windows stretched right across our open plan living/dining area with a beautiful view of the city. My favourite moments are looking out over the twinkly lights at night.

I'm loving city life, having so much on our doorstep is a big change to where I grew up (although I will always crave the the country side - that will never leave me!)
On Saturdays we have taken to exploring St Georges Market regularly, sampling a little too much tapenade and picking up the best gluten-free buns. 
To my delight there is a gluten free patisserie as well as a whole stall dedicated to gluten & dairy free yummies! For more info - Discover St George's Market 
Aaron loves the huge array of food on offer and I just enjoy sampling local food. It's a real hub for discovering local amazingness. 

Back to making home sweeter -
As a newly married couple, we've come to realise the importance of your home being just that - a home, not just walls, TV, appliances, sofa's and a bed - but a space that reflects the memories and personalities of those who live in it. A space that you can throw yourself on the sofa, breathe in deeply and relax away the busyness & stresses of life. 
I recognise this is a little idealistic and it's not always possible to achieve this - 
which brings me on to my main point. 
Whether or not you can afford your dream house/apartment, whether you can go out and spends loads on making it pretty or you can't - it's the people inside that really counts. It's the people inside who can choose to make the most of circumstances. It's the people inside who are learning to do life, the people inside who embrace family life or who are just beginning to build it. 
It's the people who are gifted in extending hospitality or the people who simply provide a safe place for friends when they have no where else to go. 
Thats home
Regardless of the pretty things you can fill it with - it's you that counts and it's the people you live with & the people you invite in who count. 

Forgetting this leads no where, remembering this leads to a life of memories, overcomings and a sweet sweet home. 


Details: Green and patterned pillows - IKEA Gold and Frilled pillows - H&M | Red pillow, bulb lights - Next | Hanging pictures - Motivated Type 

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