Double Trouble Denim

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

(The beautiful Duke Of York Street, Belfast)

(St Anne's Square, Cathedral Quarter) 

Photo cred: Rachel McCluskey - she has a sweet heart & is wonderfully talented. 
Jeans: Topshop, Denim jacket and grey knit: Zara, Shoes: Primark, Scarf: DKNY, Necklace: H&M 

Apologies for the cheese name. 

Today is about double denim (clearly) and it's actually something I don't tend to lean towards.
I appreciate the irony - like it shouldn't work, or be trendy, but it is? 

I found myself going through my wardrobe trying different outfits to come up with new combinations, I love doing this and it helps to avoid the "disposable fashion" habits (get bored of what I have, feel the irresistible urge to shop, impulsive buying, end up hating it in three months time) 
Not anymore...
I'm slowly forgetting that cycle and investing more in my personal style:
Things I will keep forever and can adapt to a trend if I wish, or not? 
Taking time over my shopping, and not doing it so frequently. 
I really never wanted to be a slave to trends, but I have admit that I did become one at at stage *confession :( 

Don't get me wrong, I will always be a spender as my husband LOVES to point out.
Clothes shopping is my favourite way to celebrate, pass the time or hang with friends 
and it's my favourite hobby (total girl moment)
Sometimes however, going straight to a shopping spree when the temptation hits can stop me from realising the outfit potential in my exisiting wardrobe. 

Sometimes it's not a new item that we need, it's just the need for some more creativity for what you already have! 

SO in the midst of the creative juices flowing (while Aaron is just about to come up stairs only to be greeted with 'mount Holly' - the growing pile of clothes by the mirror.. which Is still there may I add). 
I came across this outfit - I totally surprised myself. 
"Really? Double denim?" 
But hey! I gave it a go, and I decided to document this risk of mine. 
It won't be the last, now that I've branched out, I'm determined to master it. 
Expect more "Double Trouble Denim" 

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