Darling Details (1)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

This is the first segment of a series which I have dubbed "Darling Details" - the small things which transform a living space, add atmosphere and simply make it your own. 

I think the phrase 'put your own mark on it' when used in the context of someone's home is by far over used. The amount of times I have been on the other end of that phrase as a newly wed who has just settled into my first home, just isn't worth counting. 
I know you're probably thinking by now what's wrong with that phrase? and honestly - nothing. 
I don't know why I find it a tad annoying.. I just do? (awful I know!) 

When you reach a milestone in life, I tend to flinch at the catch phrases that come with it, I begin anticipating the same formula of small talk over and over again when I meet people, even people I've know for a while "How's married life treating you? Settled into your new home yet? You'll have a little one running around in no time just you wait! (haha)

My confession to this is: When faced with these conversations, I now speed past the generic formula of small talk in a really obvious way (awkward!) and throw in a bomb of a question - if I don't I'll never have any real conversations outside of my best friendships & my family. 
Real talk > Small talk 

Clearly this series is all about 'putting your own stamp on it' & as much as I have grown sick of that phrase, I definitely have worked hard at doing so and have come to realise the small details are key (especially if you are renting, and can't make bigger changes!).

I wanted to begin with my Biba Starburst dinner set - I love gold, rose gold and metallics in general, so when preparing my wedding gift list, I fell in love with it this set! 
Props to House Of Fraser! 
Biba always produce glamorous designs, for accessible prices. 
My favourite detail of this set in particular is the teapot - 
the overall shape is beautiful, however because I have an eye for detail I also strangely appreciate the shape of it's handle (which also match the handles of the mugs), this is oddly what sold it for me. 

I really enjoy using this set when we have friends round for dinner, or if we're having a coffee date  I'll use the teapot and the mugs, plus maybe one of the side plates for treats. 
I can also mix and match this set in with my every day dishes, which always helps!

So this set really is what makes my living space even better for when I have friends or family round, the little touches that brighten up the whole table and make it that little bit more special .

You can still get this set at House Of Fraser, click the snap below!

If this doesn't float your boat, I've pulled together a couple of alternatives for you to have a nosy at (click the snaps to go straight to the website): 

Love, H x

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