Metallic summer: Birthday Suit

Sunday, July 5, 2015

When? 1st of July | Where? My garden/Belfast/Excelsior Cinema

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Moda In Pella 
Denim Jacket: Vintage Armani

M E T A L L I C   S U M M E R

So I know these pictures look rushed and thats because they were. 
To sum up life right now rushed would be pretty accurate. 
Despite this, Aaron still made the time to plan a special day for celebrating my 21st. 
Which included the best G&T I have ever had. 
(For those interested, Hendricks and Fever Tree elderflower tonic)
It also included a trip to an old retro cinema, which we had all to ourselves, cracked open some champagne and watched Breakfast At Tiffany's. 
The best cinema food? Strawberries and M&S Milk Chocolate with sea salt. Fact.

The weeks leading up to my wedding are stirring up a cocktail of emotions, from sheer excitement,  joy, impatience and frustration.. maybe even obsession?
I need an everyday reminder of whats most important, of where the beauty of the day will really come and that perfection is not even worth thinking about. 

Weddings are never seamless and perfect, the weddings i've witness were rough around the edges but beautiful in every way - the bride smiling from ear to ear, the groom in awe, the family's joy and friends excitement. Those were the things that caught my attention, the fact that it was raining and the brides dress was a tad wet didn't matter.. not one bit. 

So here's to my wedding day, the day I get to say I do to my favourite guy, the one I love so much. 
& here's to the things that will inevitably not go to plan. 
Here's to what will be the best day of my life. 


P.s Some snaps from my birthday expedition:

(Lunch at The National - Salad with mozzarella, chorizo and smoked almonds)

(Excelsior Cinema, Comber)

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  1. Hey gurll just thought I would drop you a comment :) - You must put up some travel posts soon - neeeed to see/read about where you've been! Love ya xo