Metallic Summer : Silver

Saturday, June 27, 2015

M E T A L L I C  S U M M E R 

I have been adoring the sweet metallics dotted around this summers trends and I think they make for amazing accessories to give basic summer essentials that edge. 

These loafers I think are definite head turners (nick named 'astronaut shoes'), and although a little tricky to style, I've found pairing them with black and white, light blue denim or soft and simple florals really works!

Anyway.. So I haven't blogged in quite a while and honestly between planning my wedding (6 weeks to go!), booking our three month travels, and finishing up my studies - I just had to put this little hobbie aside for a while.
I absolutely love blogging, and can't wait for simpler times, when I can get stuck into doing what I love properly
I can't wait to blog our travels across Florida, Thailand and Australia!

Watch this space for more (Gold is coming tomorrow!)


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