Missguided & New Shoes

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cute huh? 
I originally got inspired by an ELLE instagram post, of a pair of Casadei shoes. 
...but so out of my price range.
Que my loving fiancé and Missguided. 
While searching for things to put on my wish list for Christmas which he down right begged me to give to him *such a chore, sigh ;-) (Needless to say I throughly enjoyed compiling a wee list of wishes - what girl doesn't?) 
I found these little beauties. I immediately knew they'd be a great alternative to the Casadei's -obviously the Missguided pair have a lot less detail and smaller price tag, but this makes them all the  more wearable for an average 20 year old like me. 
So on the list they went. 
I ripped the box open on Christmas morning like a little kid.
So far I've warn them with a black dropped waist skirt, tights and a Levi shirt. (promise will do an outfit post asap)

And they did it again! 
Another ace pair. The typical black booties that go with almost everything. 
I've been wanting a new pair of black boots, as my previous ones had a rubbery heel and I don't like that as much as a clippy cloppy heel (I know that sounds rare, just having a serious brain melt for the right word). So I've learnt my lesson to stop impulse buying! - girls only buy it if you absolutely love it.
I fell in love with the small details on this Missguided pair, like the gold on the inner heel and the tassels on the zips. 
So they also went on the list and I also ripped the open like a little kid.

So overall I have a new appreciation for Missguided shoes. They are well priced, stock a wide range of styles and are always up to date with new trends. 

Hope you all had a joyous Christmas, spent with people you love the most!
Here's to 2015 

H x

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